Welcome to Needle Points North! My name is Annie and this is my place to file away memories, store inspiration and sometimes show off some of my art.

I grew up in the pinky of Northern Michigan. My childhood was full of magical play time in the woods and streams behind my house and hours of crafting and creating. Years later not much has changed since my childhood--except of the fact that I don't live in Michigan anymore and I have to pay bills now. But I still play outside quite a bit and I have a really hard time going a day without making something, even if it is just writing or making a fun, new meal.

What is with the name? Needle Points North? To me, home has always been "up north." And life recently has been all about new things, new places and new people. What better to represent that than a name to go along with those ideas--finding myself and at the same time, knowing where I have come from. And who doesn't love a good compass?

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