Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Oh Hello Again!

Hello again!

I know there has been some serious radio silence for months on this ole blog... and I apologize! But I have some great news: I have a new website! Please go over to to check out my new digs and please follow along by subscribing via email there or follow along on bloglovin'!

Thanks for all you readers hanging in there on my hiatus! I am so excited to share new things to come for me and Needle Points North!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A big thank you!

Well, I have made it back to Michigan and I have found myself a job so that's pretty cool, right? You might be thinking to yourself "gee, that took a long time to drive all that way" if you see the date of my last blog post. We made it pretty fast after getting through some incredibly forceful winds in Wyoming and I have been settling back into the Leelanau lifestyle nicely. This little hiatus from the blog was nice and I am thinking I want to continue it... but not permanently. I will be back with a new website and a new Etsy store but I need some time away from the computer to really enjoy my time here, look for a place to live and work on some new projects without distractions. 

I have nothing but love for all of my readers and followers so a big thank you to you all! I will be back and hopefully better than ever. Lots of love and happy thoughts to you all! Have a great holiday season and I will see you next year!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wrappin' it up

The end is in sight. For real. I am almost a quarter of the way through my last week of work in Utah. And boy, is it a busy one! Like, whoa! I have so much computer work to do, gear cleaning and packing up my life, making sure my car is in tip top shape for the 26 hour drive and school. That being said I might be a little m.i.a. this week while I am running around like a headless chicken and making my way back to the mitten this coming weekend. 

Have a great week everyone! Feel free to comment or email anytime and as always I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Split personality

Last night I was just happily pinning away before Halloween festivities and I had to step back and laugh. Balmain and fly fishing. Not really two things that go well together. Girls who backpack and girls who go crazy over beautiful embellished jackets are not usually girls that get along. But I am that exception I guess... because I am both of those girls at once. I dream of the perfect mornings outside decked out in gear and hanging out by the river while Matt does a little fishing. And I dream of rooms full of couture clothes to go ga-ga over. I constantly give myself whiplash. Constantly.

Instead of fighting it like I have done in the past I have just learned to embrace it. It gives me something to occupy my mind and keep me inspired no matter what mood I am in. One day I could be in a kick-butt-let's-get-covered-in-dirt mood and some days I plan out patterns to do my own beading projects or spend all day sitting on the couch embroidering. Both are extremely empowering and inspiring for me. Why fight something like that?

Do you have any goofy clashing interests and inspirations?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gettin' lost

You know what? It really does feel good to get lost in the right direction. There are definitely highs and lows that come with it--believe me, I know--but at the end of the day it really does feel right. I have no idea what is coming my way but I am excited...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another throwback: Yeasayer

I was a big fan of Yeasayer in college and still listen to them often when the mood strikes. This is definitely a throwback but I can't help but love the line "if you want to get it big time, go ahead and get it-get it big time." I've been using this as my "kick-in-the-butt" song lately. 

Do you all have any songs that you use a pick-me-up?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent a lot of my weekend doing "me" things like goofing around on the internet, drinking fluffy cappucinos and did sooooooo much sewing so I am greeting this Monday with a lot of smiles. Why not start off this week with a list of things I am digging right now??

I love sweater coats!! Love them! As a "you survived this job" gift I bought myself this coat from Patagonia--cashing in on those prodeals last minute while I have them and before my company loses them again. This coat looks good with everything. Big boots and jeans fan but it looked pretty awesome with a get-up I initially thought was a bit goofy-- cute Gola sneaks, leggings, tunic tank and Free People thermal. I wore that around all day last week and that might become a staple outfit in my arsenal. 

I've been curating some lists on Etsy. I get a little click-happy when I do browsing and needed a little organizing session which I did this past weekend. My plan this coming Christmas is to try to buy as many gifts off Etsy as possible for my friends and family--support those amazingly talented people, people!

I signed up for classes for the coming quarter at SCAD. I am excited to be moving away from pre-reqs like I am doing now and moving into some more technical stuff. I only have one class starting in January so it will be a nice easy transition for me when I move back to the Mitten and get settled.

I started gathering inspiration for my new website this weekend. I have been doing A LOT of research and I am hoping to build and expand. If you are a frequent visitor hear you see that the look changes often--I am just playing around. I hope to start really really thinking and start making a new site within the next two months. I am so excited to create a website I always envisioned for myself!

I did this a little while ago and I am thinking of doing it again--going through my boards on Pinterest and doing a little downsizing. It's always fun to see your style and tastes evolve but when you gather so much inspiration it can get really overwhelming when you are actually trying to find something. This past winter I had 5000+ pins--you can see I sized down quite a bit and I really think it is time to do it again. Woo! Nerdy tech cleaning!

I grew up in an amazing artist friendly community and I am so excited to be back there. There are so many art associations and I am hoping to join a few and really start get-to-getting on some stuff. My plan is to start painting like a fiend when I get back to the mitten. It is hard to quantify the shear amount of ideas I have in my noggin right now. 

Oh to-do lists. How I love you! I have one going right now full of things to pack and do before I move home and a list of things to wrap up at work before I leave a week from Friday. Best to-do list ever! I am so close to moving home and something new! 

I am using this lovely wallpaper from Design Love Fest as my background on my computer. I thought it was pretty fitting with all the changes and work I am putting into changing my current situation. I do have moments of doubt but at the end of the day I think what I am doing is the right thing for me. 

Hope everyone is having a beautiful, inspired-filled Fall Monday!