Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Obsession

I will admit it: I like to pin. I am a Pinterest fiend.

Since college I have been collecting images. By then end of my college career I had almost 20,000 images saved to my computer and portable hard drive for me to look at whenever I wanted. I am thankful Pinterest wasn't invented until recently or I would have never gotten anything done but I am still kicking myself that I didn't think of the idea first. I still run across folders full of images when I feel the need to clear out some space on my computer.

Reason I love Pinterest the most? Well, I don't have to take up any more space on my trusty, old computer's hard drive since my mac got me through college and is now on its last legs. Also, it's organized. A place for illustrations, a place for graphic design, paintings, book design, diy's and food. But, no. No wedding inspiration board-- I am not that kind of girl.

For someone like me I see Pinterest as a great tool for inspiration and I see that a lot as I am browsing. It's not just for exercise routines, diets and fatty foods. That in and of itself is a contradiction and it makes me laugh. I use it quite a bit... actually, to be fair-- A LOT. Everyday. Maybe a couple times a day. ...maybe.

I put it to good use. At least 3 dinners a week are brand new for me and off something I pinned. My favorite so far? General Tso's Tofu. While it might not be the best for me it's still a pretty tasty treat! Plus I have my dream house planned out for when I have my bank account big enough to afford it in 5 years... or 10. I have gotten quite a few ideas for my next projects when I have time too. More on that later.


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