Thursday, January 31, 2013

Confession #1

As you might have noticed when I posted a few days ago about the map I finished, I am a horrible photographer. I am. I admit it. Horrible.

In high school I was able to dual enroll in a community college and take a few classes towards a degree before I even graduated. I took a few classes but my favorite was photography. Hands down. But it was the old school photography. Manual camera and darkroom techniques. I fell in love and created some really amazing pieces that I still covet nearly 7 years later. However, since then my skills in photography have diminished significantly. It's a little embarrassing even.

That being said, working on my photography skills and mastering them to the point where I don't feel like a horrible person to be subjecting you all to my photos is a goal for this year. Seriously. Maybe if I get into it enough again I will buy myself a new camera. Maybe... So now I have something to look forward to and you do too! Better pictures to look at!

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