Monday, February 4, 2013


My family will be shocked to be reading this coming from me but I have been playing a lot of cards lately. I am not a big game player. I hated playing cards. I don't like learning new games. My family getting me to play a game of aggravation was like pulling teeth and at some point in the game I usually cried but pulled off a win in the end. I like playing games like suduko, free cell and solitaire because, well? I like the solitary of playing a game by myself. Just like doing a puzzle. But Matt talked me into playing a card game a few weeks ago and it has been a reoccurring activity almost everyday for us.

And what has this inspired me to do? Go to Vegas. …just kidding. I recently bought a new set of watercolors and I started toying around with the idea of making a deck of cards. I just wanted something cute and unexpected--and a little messy--to play a game of cards with.

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