Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Green River Hike: Photoblast Re-cap

You are all about to get photo-blasted! Yesterday I got to go for a hike in one of my favorite spots I've found since I've moved to Utah. It's a great trail right below the Flaming Gorge Dam along the Green River. Matt, Rufio and I spent a few hours along the river wandering and rock jumping--Rufio, being an actual mountain dog, was much more graceful than Matt and I were. We spent a lot of time taking pictures--Matt took some amazing panoramic photos on his iPhone that obviously I stole. By the end of the day we all needed a nap but were pretty darn happy we got out from under the inversion in the basin. We both have rosy cheeks today still and I am filled to the brim with some great ideas to play around with.

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