Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Through the first two years of foundations classes in college, we weren't taught art--we were taught perfection. Perfecting angles. Perfecting shapes. Perfecting the way marks are made. Rule of three. Color theory. You get my point. And while these things can make up great art adhering to these rules doesn't always make an artist. It started to become clear as I started making things on my own, the more rules I broke or just completely ignored, the more I saw a style and personality to my work. And the more I seemed to like what I was creating. That was has been driving me through my last couple drawings and paintings--breaking those rules and smiling that if some professors could see me now that they would be a bit peeved. Bitter much??

If two years ago if someone would have asked me to draw a tshirt it would have been a meticulous graphite drawing with perfect shading throughout the folds. Look at me now! Couldn't be happier! Imperfection? I think I am falling in love with you.

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