Saturday, April 6, 2013

April wishlist

My April wish list is pretty gear heavy. Even though I've been working overtime getting people outside, I have yet to go on any major adventures myself. I'm getting an itch.

1. Patagonia Black Hole Duffel: since I have been doing a lot of traveling for work, my gear I take along gets a beating in the back of my work truck. This guy is my answer to that.
2. Prana yoga mat: I bought a pretty nice mat back in college but like any other piece of gear, it wears out. I don't feel like doing a face plant while doing downward dog thank you very much.
3. Roxy Bump Set Shorts: I actually just bought these with my REI dividend! So excited for some long yoga sessions in these bad boys.
4. Arc'teryx Corbela Hoody: what self-respecting outdoorsy girl doesn't drool over more versatile layers?
5. Chaco flip flops: I buy a new pair of flip flops every year. This might be the ones for this year.
6. New Balance W630v2: I have run all my other tennis shoes into the ground. I like the pop of color on these guys.
7. GoLite Jam 50: Yes, I do have a perfectly good Gregory backpack and it serves me well on longer trips but I've been finding it's a little on the heavy side for just overnighters. In comes the GoLite Jam.
8. Mara Hoffman dress. A little too expensive and luxurious for my lifestyle but it's just so pretty to look at!

...a girl can dream...

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