Wednesday, April 10, 2013

List of things: April

For a while I wanted to be a writer. Mostly through high school and parts of college. I guess compared to a lot of people in my age group, I read quite a bit. My book collection is already pretty impressive: after all that reading, I guess the writing styles and techniques started to stick. And it just feels good to write sometimes. I don't think I will ever have the patience to write a book, nor do I probably have the skills to do so, but I know myself well enough to know that every once in a while I will sit down in front of my computer and kick out 20 pages of glorious nonsense that I can never find an ending to.

I live in "the desert." It's springtime here so it rains more than usual. Back in Michigan when the weather was great, some days I just couldn't wait to get out of work to go do stuff. Now that I live here, it's like that for me on rainy days. I just want to get out of work to go read a book or draw a little.

Even though I had a hard time stomaching my education during college, I have been thinking a lot about the future of my creativity (hello, blog). What does that mean? I've been looking at schools. No joke. After the less technical instruction I got, I am at my limit of teaching myself how to do certain things and I am really searching for answers to my questions. (My mom is probably reading this with her jaw sitting in her lap). Maybe going back to school is in the cards for me, maybe it's not. But that option is starting to look better and better. I never thought I would be a working girl by day and a scholar by night… I'm evolving.

I miss trees.

After a lot of self-exploration and soul searching, I asked for a pair of Ugg slippers for Christmas. I look down at my feet and instantly think "sorority feet" but goodness are my feet comfy.

I love Parks and Rec. There, I said it. And Jennifer Lawrence. I can't help it.

My childhood dog died last weekend. And even though I am incredibly sad I don't think it has even really hit me yet. I don't know how I will feel until I go home. I know I will miss that good ole dog, Gus.

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