Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday morning realization

I realized something Monday morning. I am no longer good at living by myself. And that's just craziness if you know me at all. I love spending time by myself, mostly because I rarely get the chance. Matt has been gone on the river for a few days now and won't be back until sometime today and the base was completely quiet this weekend: no visitors or anything. I used it as an opportunity to get 20 hours of work in while all was quiet on the home front, as well as update my Etsy shop with new photos, work on my embroidery project, do some slacklining, take Rufio on a long 5 mile hike, do some long yoga sessions and paint. I enjoyed the time I got to work on projects I wanted to and get outside to do other things I haven't in a while. Sounds productive but I realized this morning after I ate that I hadn't drank really any water all weekend or ate a full meal in all the quiet craziness. But the odd thing was that my body wasn't mad at me for it. What did I have for breakfast Monday morning? Carrots and a cappuccino. Let this be a reminder for me to actually take a breather once in a while, even though I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Boy, I miss my roommate...

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