Thursday, July 25, 2013

List of Things: July (and some rainbow action)

I toyed around with the idea of doing style posts. I might have to wait on that because my closet is pretty limited (which is ok with me for the moment)… But as I am looking at other blogs and how some bloggers can put up new outfits everyday I am flabbergasted (love that word) that they rarely use the same piece twice! How is that possible?!

I've been working hard to update the look of my bloggy-blog. Notice the new buttons to the right? This is my second attempt at them and so far I like them a lot. My first attempt used watercolor and I couldn't get the text to pop out as much which was a bummer. Click the buttons to the left to get to my instagram, pinterest or to follow me on bloglovin'!

Speaking of bloglovin', word on the street is Google Reader became a dinosaur (extinct). You can follow me here now (or you can use my handy dandy button! Much love!

I love the desert… I don't like living in it. Doesn't really seem to be secret now… but the deserts of Utah are a little too much for a Michigan gal to handle!

I have a few things to look forward to in August. I will keep you posted as they come up but I am soooooooooo excited! I

I feel like a college student again… why? Because I kind of am. Classes at SCAD start September 16th for me. Orientation for my program starts the 2nd. I am super giddy for it all to start. Nerdy? Yes! Am I ashamed? No!!!

I really really really really am wishing I had space to oil paint… I miss being able to spend hours in a studio painting (mostly my hands, sometimes getting paint on the canvas which is the whole point I guess).

So that's it. My list of things for July. Anything else you readers want to know about me? Comment below with any burning questions!

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