Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sewing like crazy!

I've been getting to know my new machine, which I am starting to fall in love with. I jumped ahead of my line-up of projects and went right to what I refered to as the "big kahuna." I bought a Kavu bag way back in my early college years and since then it has fallen apart. But I was deeply in love with that bag. It held my computer and a days worth of art supplies with no problem. Hence, my love. However, after years of wear, the bottom of the bag developed some major holes and I was left with a bag I couldn't replace with a brand new one since Kavu decided to not make that type of bag anymore. Grr... So what do I do? I made my own! Here is a sneak peak! At the stage when I took the picture it wasn't quite done... you can see some raw seams on it... But I did a little upgrade to the inside which I am happy about. I am hoping to post some pictures of the final bag soon! I am already in love!

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