Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A big thank you!

Well, I have made it back to Michigan and I have found myself a job so that's pretty cool, right? You might be thinking to yourself "gee, that took a long time to drive all that way" if you see the date of my last blog post. We made it pretty fast after getting through some incredibly forceful winds in Wyoming and I have been settling back into the Leelanau lifestyle nicely. This little hiatus from the blog was nice and I am thinking I want to continue it... but not permanently. I will be back with a new website and a new Etsy store but I need some time away from the computer to really enjoy my time here, look for a place to live and work on some new projects without distractions. 

I have nothing but love for all of my readers and followers so a big thank you to you all! I will be back and hopefully better than ever. Lots of love and happy thoughts to you all! Have a great holiday season and I will see you next year!

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