Friday, November 1, 2013

Split personality

Last night I was just happily pinning away before Halloween festivities and I had to step back and laugh. Balmain and fly fishing. Not really two things that go well together. Girls who backpack and girls who go crazy over beautiful embellished jackets are not usually girls that get along. But I am that exception I guess... because I am both of those girls at once. I dream of the perfect mornings outside decked out in gear and hanging out by the river while Matt does a little fishing. And I dream of rooms full of couture clothes to go ga-ga over. I constantly give myself whiplash. Constantly.

Instead of fighting it like I have done in the past I have just learned to embrace it. It gives me something to occupy my mind and keep me inspired no matter what mood I am in. One day I could be in a kick-butt-let's-get-covered-in-dirt mood and some days I plan out patterns to do my own beading projects or spend all day sitting on the couch embroidering. Both are extremely empowering and inspiring for me. Why fight something like that?

Do you have any goofy clashing interests and inspirations?

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