Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pay My Bills

This might sound a little crazy but here it goes: I think it is SUPER rewarding paying bills. I can't put my finger on why.

Like most other 20 somethings, I ended my college career with a heap of debt and the needle on my life compass doing circles. Almost 2 years after walking across the stage and grabbing a ridiculously expensive piece of paper, I am in a great place. Well, maybe not GREAT but pretty good. I haven't missed a loan payment. I can pay phone and insurance payments no problem now. I can afford good food worth eating. Plus I get to buy art supplies whenever things catch my fancy. And most paychecks I can put a little something in my savings for things like a new car next year and a house down the road.

Why am I bringing this up? With Thanksgiving coming up this is something I can say I am thankful for for the first time ever. I like that feeling. A lot.

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