Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back in the Mitten

It has been a busy few weeks, but guess what? I AM IN MICHIGAN! It’s snowing. The Christmas tree is up. My puppy is laying next to me asleep and I have finally found some time to do some writing! 

Rufio looking for that perfect tree...

After a stressful flight home I made it to the bottom of the mitten and found myself soon after waking up at my aunt’s house, being attacked by my best friend from college. Lots of sushi and shopping and a day later, my family showed up and we made it back to Leelanau after the pup and I being downstate for almost a week. Since then I have been trying to settle back in to life in Michigan—which to be honest isn’t that hard but Rufio is a little confused why that when he goes outside there are no chickens, bushes to play in or cows in the yard to chase.

I have been done with Christmas shopping for nearly a month now and I have finally gotten around to wrapping just today. I come from a long line of impressive gift-wrappers so mine always look a little disappointing to me and I am now sitting on the couch with only 2 packages truly wrapped with 5 left. Motivation on that is lacking… 

Morning coffee in beautiful downtown Traverse City

I have been able to work on some little projects though. Moleskines. I am a huge journal collector. But I am not a big journal-er. I am more of a jotter and every once in a blue moon I might find myself writing 20 pages of nonsense in one sitting. I have countless unfinished or even untouched moleskines and other journals laying around. I will certainly post pictures sometime in the hopefully very near future as I start kicking out more!

Also, I have a very new and exciting project to work on this next year: WEDDING INVITATIONS! No, they are not for me but for two of my very good friends who just got engaged this past weekend. Plus I had to privilege to see it all happen with my own eyes! So excited for them and to work on a huge, special project like this for them! There will surely be posts about my experiences with invitation making to come later!

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