Sunday, January 27, 2013

Checking off one project on my "to do" list

I have finally done it. The "it" I am referring to is a project I started the end of last October. It's a beautiful hand embroidered 24x36 inch topographic map. After spending countless hours it is kind of nice to sit down and not having such a big project staring me in the face. And now that I am done with it, I can finally feel good about writing a blog post with an actual finish product rather than just teasing the reader. 

I used almost an entire spool of light grey multipurpose thread on this beauty. At first I was questioning my color choice on this because in some light it is almost undetectable against the white surface. But after sitting over it for hours in all type of light- morning, afternoon, night, natural, unnatural- I starting seeing how great it looked in all light and how the way it was perceived in each light was different. In harsh lighting there are slight shadows from each line which made everything pop. In soft natural lighting the lines were pale and silver. But holy moley! What I love most about this piece is what makes it soooooo hard to photograph. 

I am still deciding on what exactly to do with this. I am in love with it and part of me wants to keep it for myself but I started it with the intention of selling it. However, after the time I spent on it the price would have to be extremely high to make it worth my while. Guess time will tell once I get my feelings about this piece worked out. 

I am excited for what is coming next. Stay tuned. I have a very very very large project and a few smaller projects to get going on soon! 

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