Monday, December 24, 2012

Overwhelmed in Michigan...

Holy guacamole! I am overwhelmed! So many projects to do and so little time! Maps and moleskins and Lumi, oh my! …and save the dates! :)


I have the tendency to spend my time making something thinking about the next project I am going to make. Which leads to a lot of ideas and me becoming overwhelmed by how little I actually have time for. I did a few moleskins and they turned out great! I am hoping to have them on Etsy this spring. Running with the map theme from a project I started in Utah, I got an early birthday present—a 84 inch by 6 yard piece of canvas—which I am turning into a very large map. I am hoping to have it done by Spring 2014. No, I am not kidding. Surely I will keep you posted about that. 

The start of another project...

I’ve been in Michigan for a while now. And while I have a lot of time to work on stuff I have found that due to loans and a few mix-ups on the part of the company who is taking care of my student loans I am pretty low on “art funds.” A lot of my creativity I use up in the kitchen—a big fan of Caesar salad, I worked off a recipe that replaces all that oil with Greek yogurt. I know everyone is jumping on this huge Greek yogurt bandwagon and it’s becoming trendy to use—personally I have to have it doctored a bit to be able to swallow all that sour—but that recipe is pretty darn awesome! I also made General Tso’s tofu/chicken for the family and I am making it again tomorrow for our Christmas dinner. Odd but I guess they like it a lot if it is good enough for Christmas. 

Baby Rufio after bath time

Since I am in the beginning and planning stages of so many projects my posts have been a little sparse but when I get back to Utah in a few weeks and have time and space to get some stuff done I’m hoping to overwhelm you with pictures! 

Hazelnut treat!

But until then I am hoping to spend some more time doing the things I love in Michigan while I have the chance!

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