Tuesday, February 19, 2013

25 free fonts for you wonderful people

Since I've gotten my new computer I've been trying hard to keep track of fonts so I can find them easily. I know--there is that nifty little app "font book" that comes standard on all Apple computers but I like being able to see fonts side by side. I've started creating PDF's of multiple fonts to browse through before I start a project. This might seem like a lot of unnecessary work but opening up a pdf quick to look at the script fonts I have to pick is nice--that goes too for non-serifs, handwritten, modern, deco, wing bats (the un-cheesy kind) and many more categories. Yes, I am a nerd.

With all this work, I've narrowed down some of my new favorites to share with everyone. If you don't know where to look, finding new typefaces for your computer can lead to websites with thousands of less than quality fonts, and well? That can be super overwhelming. So here goes!

Notes: Oil Can and Honey Badger do not have numbers in the family. I used Abraham Lincoln to number them above. All the fonts except Champagne & Limousines are the same point size so you can compare the size and thickness against one another. Enjoy!

1. Matilde 2. Matilde Sketch 3. Pablo 4. Ostrich 5. Lobster Two 6. Clipper Script 7. Nautik 8. Sail 9. Sachiko 10. Ever After 11. Little Lord Fontleroy 12. Skinny 13. Combustion 14. Abraham Lincoln 15. Lavanderia 16. Honey Badger 17. Champagne & Limousines 18. Josefin 19. Skinny Latte 20. Sanford 21. St. Marie 22. Mayonaise 23. Springtime 24. Mrs. Strange 25. Oil Can


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    1. Thanks so much, Scot! It's nice to know that someone is out there in the blog world looking at my stuff! :)