Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My little "studio"

"Spring cleaning" is almost over. This is my last week of only working part time before we start up full force on Monday at my "real" job. So I've been using this time to get my act together and my stuff organized before then. Last fall the corner that I use as a work space was where we threw our shoes, my longboard and basically housed a lot of junk. Now it's a pretty cool little corner for me to work on stuff--whatever that might be from day to day-- embroidery, inDesign, watercolor, drawing, etc. Matt was the muscle behind the desk and just this past Sunday he built me shelves. He isn't truly happy with the quality of it all but since this isn't a permanent situation I kept reminding him that it will work for now. Here are some shots after I started feeling pretty great about this space.

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