Sunday, March 31, 2013

A weird "bucket" list

I am the ripe age of 24. Just turned 24 about a month ago. I'm seeing a lot of bucket lists going on around the inter webs as of late. While it is nice to have a to do list before we kick the can in theory, having a big long list to do over the course of my life is a little daunting. How about a "bucket list" to complete before I am 25??

I have a few smaller goals and a few bigger ones. Here goes:

Go fly fishing. Matt does it all the time, and other than tangles, it looks pretty relaxing. I love being by water. I like fish. Sounds like a good deal to me. Plus I have free instruction… Well, maybe I will cook him dinner.

Start freelancing. This is something I have been throwing around for a while. I've always loved branding and doing print projects. The goal with this is to at least have a portfolio and website together by next February.

Take Rufio backpacking. Even though we got him last August, we haven't gone on many adventures with the little booger. We do a whole lot of walking with him so naturally backpacking is the next step. Matt and I love backpacking so we are pretty excited to get him out in the woods.

Etsy. Yes, I have opened a shop. Yes, I have had one order so far. But I know I could do better. My goal is to work on making my pictures look a lot better, add more work and hopefully make quite a few sales.

Sew. A lot. My embroidery project is coming along. Slowly, but its coming along. I want to be at least a third of the way done with it by next February.

Buy a car. In theory this will be my third car, but actually this will be my first car that I own. I am hoping to get this done in December. Makes me feel like even more of an adult spending my time shopping for cars... and saving a lot of money.

Do more stuff. This sounds very general but to me it isn't. I have a very active job. I go on walks 3 times a day with the pup. But somehow I only get to work out a few times a week. I think it should be a higher priority on my list. Yoga. Nike training club. Swimming. Backpacking. Longboarding (yes, it's a workout). Slackline. It's going to happen.

Hold a pose on the slackline. I've got walking a line down fine. Can I hold a pose or do any tricks? Nah. Do I want to change that? Yes. Hello, warrior 1… and 2… and 3… and tree pose.

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