Saturday, March 23, 2013

List of things- March

Blogging is a weird endeavor. I kind of jumped right into it after deleting my old blog and redoing it to make it what it is now. My heart wasn't really in it last time but it sure seems to be now. And as much as I try to give readers insight into my life, there is a really weird disconnect. It's just words on a screen.  So I've decided to do a list every once in a while of random facts, stories, musings and whatnot to give you all a little more insight into my world rather than just filling readers in on what I have been working on lately.

-I have a tattoo. It's on my foot and it is of a compass pointing north (title of my blog, anyone?). Every once in a while I will look down at my foot and think I have dirt on my ankle. No joke. I've had my tattoo for almost 2 years now and it still freaks me out sometimes

-Due to my mild obsession with Liz Lemon, I tend to catch myself saying "blerg" more than I should.

-I bought a pair of jeans back in November. They are still bleeding dye after all this time and getting washed over and over. I can't stop wearing them. Think I have learned my lesson at the end of the day and my legs are blue? Nope.

-As much as I try to fool myself a few times a year, I am not a runner and I hate running. No matter that I at one point in time lied to myself long enough to work up to 6-8 miles a day, I still hated running. I rather do yoga or cardio mixed with light weightlifting rather than run. Any time. Any day.

-Yesterday when I did yoga, I could barely touch the floor at the beginning. At the end of it my palms were touching the ground. I kept telling myself that it was going to hurt the next day. I was sooooo right. POWER YOGA!

-All I want to do is wear shorts. I like my legs. They should be free. Oh! And flip flops!

-I'm not great at slack lining but I love it. Just like I'm not great at long boarding. I look like a fool when I do both things but I feel like a 4 year old girl riding a pony--way too happy.

-I want to be a girl who paddle boards. And maybe even does paddle board yoga. Might mean I have to actually live near water before that can happen.

-The amount of time that I spend in a day planning out my future home is a wee bit ridiculous. When I finally get to the point in my life when I can afford to actually own a home I know I will be so overwhelmed I will have a hard time functioning.

-I built a boat. No kidding. An 18 foot sea kayak. It's beautiful.

-Lighting matches scares me. Attempting to light a candle last night was a seriously trying endeavor.

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