Friday, March 22, 2013


I've been trying really hard to wait patiently for prints to get here but I can barely stand it. To keep myself busy I have been working on some packaging and branding for my store. To keep my bank account at a reasonable "dirtbag" level I've been trying to use only what I have to do this. One of the first prints I ordered ended up being kind of wonky because of the bleed, which at first I was upset about but now I get to use most of the print to include coupon codes in with orders! I also came across a pack of vellum in one of my misc. boxes in the cabin and decided it would be a great material to hold a business card, the coupon code and a little note to customers. Things are coming together slowly and I am feeling pretty prepared once the time arrives to post things. Starting to get butterflies a little bit…

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