Saturday, May 4, 2013

Big news!

Hey friends! I have big news!!!

Do you remember this post I did near the beginning of April? I talked about school and my future a little bit??? Well, it might have seemed like that was something I had just started thinking about, but in reality I really started considering it this past winter. So early this spring I started diving into looking at programs. And I applied. And I got in. That's right!

I am going to take a program from Savannah College of Art & Design! This fall I will be an online, less than half time student working on a digital publishing program. I am excited to dive deeper into some skills I have and to work on some new ones like web design--something I never got a chance to do in college. I am so excited and ready to further my knowledge base of what I already have stored in my creative arsenal. Full time working girl by day and graphic design student... again... by night!

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