Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reason to get up in the morning: frothed milk

I made myself a cappuccino late last night. For some reason there was organic hazelnut decaf floating around the kitchen and I needed something sweet so I ran with it. I sat outside with a cup of coffee and a cup of frothed milk and watched some clouds roll by in the moonlight. Pretty perfect. I started listing off all the things I am thankful for and couldn't stop. I thought it would be a great idea to start doing this weekly on my blog. Things I am thankful for... aka, reasons to get up in the morning. First reason:

I didn't grow up in a coffee-crazed family. Actually, I rarely remember my dad drinking it unless we were camping or with my grandparents. Plus my mom hates the stuff. So I'm not quite sure how I became so coffee obsessed but here I am writing about my morning ritual of coffee and the most important part of my coffee routine: frothing milk. It's decadent and like drinking a cloud. I'm not kidding. It's sometimes the only reason I get out of bed. Again, I'm not kidding. But then again, there's always tea and mate... you think frothed milk would be good in those too? Probably not...

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