Saturday, June 1, 2013

List of things: June

It's summer and I already have a crazy tan and the crazy tan lines to go with it.

I need to cool it on my book buying. It's a problem. Most women have a clothing problem (I just tend to make wish lists more than I tend to buy clothes). I have a book problem. I need to catch up on my reading. Right now I'm  finally able to start Dalva by Jim Harrison that I got for Christmas. So good! I'm cutting myself off.

I am toying with the idea of making some clutches. For some reasons all these ideas have popped into my head lately. Maybe sometime soon that will be something you will be seeing on the blog. I need a few bills to get supplies though. Stay tuned!

I MISS LEELANAU! I live in the desert and I am truly started to question that particular life choice! I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan for pete's sake! I am dying here! So dry! No amount of moisturizer and lotion can make up for the lack of humidity and no amount of pedicures can be as awesome as walking on the beach for hours.

Rufio loves to chase butterflies. It is so cute it makes me want to cry. What a goofball.

I thought I would love a non-traditional work week. It sounds fantastic, right? After 2 years of it I am desperate for a 9-5 job with full weekends off. Maybe one day when I am my own boss I would love the non-traditional work week. On my terms.

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