Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reason to get up in the morning: my own space

All I can think about is having my own space. It's no secret that I love getting a peak into other people's studios but my obsession with creating spaces has always been a "thing" I have done. I spent a lot of time when I was younger in my room creating my own semi-self-sufficient nest. I loved having my own place to even just sit and think sometimes. In college, I loved having my own room during my junior and senior year to constantly play around with. But now, at the ripe age of 24, I am really done with the whole community living thing. I lived in dorms. I lived in houses with 5 other roommates. I am currently sharing a cabin but Matt and Rufio (which is a dream, to be quite honest) but that cabin has no bathroom or kitchen, just a place for a couch, a desk, a tiny closet for our clothes and a lofted bed. It is our own little slice of heaven sometimes. But sharing a kitchen and bathrooms constantly with 2-60 (yes, 60) other people at a time is just not cutting it anymore. I am tired of having to constantly clean up after myself, and the 75% of people who come through here who refuse to do their own dishes. Sometimes I want to leave my cereal bowl sitting out for an hour or two while I sit on the couch with Matt and watch some Saturday cartoons or some sports. I want a place I can put my things and not worry about someone stealing it or breaking it--yes, that is sadly the reality of where I live. And most of all, I want a place I can just relax... because that rarely gets to happen where I am at right now. Plus, I really just want to be able to start building a little creative place where I can start creating the art that I have been dreaming of. That is my reason to get out of bed in the morning. I am hoping it happens soon. I don't care where it is--Washington, Maine or somewhere in between--I will be happy with having a bathroom and kitchen I only have to share with Matt and, every once in a while, trip over Rufio. I am seeing some diy kitchen table action and so much decorating nonsense in my future!!

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