Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall feeling

Happy Monday, everybody! It seems like everyone and their moms have been talking about Fall. Fall this. Pumpkin spice that. I am no different--I already talked about butternut squash risotto! *get in my belly!* I've mentioned the crazy weather we have been having... It's actually been chilly here! And so much rain! Not nearly as much as Colorado but enough for flash flood warnings everyday. I've been rocking a lot of jeans and scarves the past week and even as I write this I am all cozy in my wide leg jeans, gray crew sweatshirt and burgundy scarf--classic Fall outfit. Plus all this comfy, cozy attire is making me feel like a college student. Yesterday while doing all my reading for the week, I was bundled up in a blanket and slippers, freezing my booty off in our non-heated cabin. I don't know about you all but cold housing was a staple in my collegiate experience! 

And in the spirit of Fall weather and my first day of school I drove into town extra early (I started work at 6!) to treat myself to a large mocha with Irish cream--non-alcoholic, but I do wish I could slip a little Bailey's into my cup every morning for what my family likes to call a "big girl coffee."  Yum!!! 

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