Sunday, September 15, 2013

To Do!!

I start school tomorrow. I am pretty darn excited and I'm okay with how nerdy that makes me. In the excitement of being a college kid again I went ahead and looked at the units for both classes this week already. That excitement quickly turned to panic. After looking at the assignments for the week my head was spinning and my stomach was feeling a little funny. How am I supposed to do this all in 7 days? Plus work 40 hours. Plus do normal people stuff like shower and eat 3 meals a day and take my dog for a walk every night. Yes, I am being a little over-dramatic, but all of a sudden every minute seemed a bit more precious. I am glad I went ahead and looked over stuff early. Because it saved me from a panic attack tomorrow morning.

The word "organize" has been a word floating around in my head constantly the past few weeks. Organize. Organize. Organize. Go to bed with a plan. Wake up ready for action. I need to step up my already impressive organized game! How can I managed school, work a full time job while looking for another full time job, be in a relationship, take care of a dog,  take care of myself and work towards starting a small business while keeping my sanity? I have to have some sort of organization going on.

I have some pretty lofty goals. And since those goals are so large, it's hard to break those big ideas into bite size chunks I can metaphorically chew each day. I want to be healthier. Okay, so what does that mean? Lose weight? Eat better? What do I have to change everyday to achieve that? I want to work towards starting my own business? What kind of business? What does my ideal day look like? How do I manage that and grow that business while working full time? What does that mean for my day? Answering those questions truthfully are a great way of slowly and effectively working towards my goals. Because there is no way I can wake up tomorrow morning 15 lb lighter and with a kick-$!@ business magically plus 4.0 all my classes...

In comes my new favorite things: to-do lists. This is the most basic of any organization system. You might be slapping your head and saying "duh, Annie!" but I have never really been so busy that I have had a need for massive weekly to-do lists. I have always been able to manage to-do lists mentally or by using my simple planner. But now I have to-do lists for each class I am taking plus other tasks to complete this week so I can pick a few tasks each day and work towards a clean slate each Sunday. What's on my plate today? Yoga plus a workout, readings for classes, a blog post, maybe some laundry and probably grocery shopping. Oh, yeah, and spending time with my boys. Not too bad for a Sunday. I figure I can give myself one more relaxing day before I have to start actually "attending" classes... Hope everyone is having a relaxing but productive Sunday!

Anyone have anything they love to do to stay organized?

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