Saturday, September 7, 2013

Still here

Yes, I am in fact still here. I didn't go anywhere. I have been busy though. That trip to Michigan, a couple nights spent up in the mountains, end of the summer bbq's, school orientation, working (a lot, of course), trying to get some football watching in, job searching… I could go on but I will spare you. 

Looking back through old posts the one theme that seems to be consistent is change. I am ready for it. I am SO ready for it, but it seems like it isn't quite ready for me. I have had a few close calls with jobs, most notably Free People. After months of searching I can't get through a day without stopping to send some sort of thought out into the great world just hoping today will be the day. Obviously, not working as well as I want but that's okay.

I have officially started school. Well, kind of… I finished up the first week of orientation and just need to get through one more week before classes start a week from Monday. I am taking Typography and Vector/Raster Graphics. While these classes are covering subjects I have already done in a collegiate setting, I am excited to cover them again and see how far I can push myself. It is SCAD, after all…

I am still thinking about a new website. Maybe, after a few hours of wrestling with the idea of moving my site, I will stay with this platform for a little bit longer. I am looking forward to getting my own domain and really taking the time to re-brand and build something from what I already have from this humble little blog.

What time is better than now? Really? I have started school. I have been spending a lot of time looking for jobs. Why not work towards my own personal goals? And it seems like I have a lot. From perfecting some yoga poses to starting to build a business for myself. Why not take some baby steps? Before I left for Michigan I started to create a weekly goal/to-do list to accomplish by Friday of every week. So far it has proved to make me very productive. Mixing actual to-do's with goals makes this list something I can't get away with not doing. It has anything on it from doing yoga 5 times this week and applying for at least 2 jobs to working on re-branding. And, yes, I plan to incorporate more blog posts on this list.  

Hope everybody is having a very relaxing, productive weekend!

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