Friday, October 25, 2013

Another week gone...

It is truly amazing that I am not only getting a weekend off *gasp!* but today as well! Three days in a row! I'm overwhelmed with all the things I could do but honestly I just want to sleep in and drink tea. 

I got a chance to go up to Flaming Gorge and hike the A-Section of the Green River one last time. As always it was a blast. I won't overwhelm you with pictures so I will just share my favorite--of course it is of Rufio. I am really hoping to go on another little adventure this weekend and say goodbye to another beautiful place I love. Even though sleep and tea is a top priority so is helping Matt fix my vehicle and make it into a tip-top road trip machine for the trek back to Michigan, packing of course and sending happy thoughts out into the universe about a job I am supposed to hear about early next week. Nothing too wild and crazy... or exciting. But that's okay! 

Hope you all have a relaxing and productive weekend planned!

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