Thursday, August 1, 2013

A big move

It isn't really a secret that I am job searching but this post doesn't really have anything to do with that move. It has to do with the age old question for bloggers... what platform to use? Blogger? Wordpress? Typepad? Tumblr? Maybe turn completely psycho and build a website out of thin air? (Props to those who can! Seriously!)

Blogger has been really great to me. I have been able to modify it to get what I want out of it but I am thinking bigger than Blogger can deliver. It's not a secret, either, that I create art. I want a space for a blog AND a portfolio AND maybe even a store some day. A one stop shop, if you will, that isn't strewn all about the interwebs! I already have too many emails (6 to be exact... YIKES!), I don't need too many platforms for all the things I want to do and drown myself trying to keep up with everything... Plus, making my own website was on my list of things to do before 25...

 I've been hearing amazing things about Squarespace lately... and I will admit that I have spent quite a while poking around their website. And to be quite honest, I have been blown out of the water with all the customizing of their genius templates... Maybe I will move there. Maybe I won't. Time (and my bank account since Squarespace costs $) will tell.

Any of you lovely readers have any input? What do you all use? Are you happy with your space online?

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