Friday, August 2, 2013

Camera time!

Just like I think I might have outgrown blogger... I think I have outgrown my camera.

Correction: I KNOW I have outgrown my camera seeing as that I don't even use it anymore. 

What kind of camera do I have? An old Olympus Tough. For a while it served that purpose that I bought it for and it served it super well. I could take that camera into the backcountry and abuse the begeezus out of it. Now? It doesn't do much for me besides take mediocre pictures at best. Most of the photos I use on this blog are taken from my iPhone now and even that I have outgrown. IPhone is great for instagram and goofy pictures but it just doesn't seem to be working much anymore for what I am using it for/what I want to use it for in the future.

That being said... I want a Nikon DLSR camera. And after hours and hours AND HOURS of research narrowed it down to what I think I might get.

But... I still want your input of course! What do you readers use? What is your favorite camera?

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